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Poor sleep can affect us in far worse ways than we think. It can prevent you from getting the much needed, good night’s rest, which is so essential to carry to you through the next day. Poor sleep can deprive you of your energy and can leave you in an irritable and cranky mood. If sleep does not come to you easily, then here are steps you can take if you have questions regarding how to get good sleep.

Steps to Get Good Sleep

1. Stick to a Specific Time

Erratic timings can lead to poor sleep patterns. Your body’s inherent cycle can detect irregularities in sleep timings, which is why you should try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day.

Even if you want to enjoy yourself on weekends, the difference should not be more than an hour from the time you go to sleep on other days.

Try to get at least eight hours of sleep; at least a minimum of seven. This is the time an adult body needs to rejuvenate. In case you do not fall asleep within twenty minutes of going to bed, then try to do something relaxing and then try to fall asleep again.

2. Stay Away from Stimulating Food and Drinks

If you are already too agitated to fall asleep, then stay away from stimulating food and drinks before going to bed. Alcohol, coffee, or even nicotine can take away that restful feeling. You might feel sleepy from alcohol but it will disrupt your sleep later in the night and you will wake up in the morning with a terrible hangover, disrupting the next day for you too.

Do not eat too much or too little right before going to bed- too little will probably wake you up feeling hungry while too much might wake you up feeling bloated.

3. Create a Calm Ambience

Your surroundings should be conducive to falling asleep. Your room should be calm and quiet, with minimal noise coming in from outside. It should be dark and the temperature shouldn’t be too high or too low for comfort.

You can make use of screens to keep away the light or use temperature-controlled devices like ACs to create the perfect temperature.

4. Sooth your Senses

Apart from creating the perfect environment, you could also prepare yourself for a night of relaxing sleep. Take a warm bath and pamper yourself with aromatic lotions. You can opt for a head massage or foot massage too- it will lull your senses and help you to fall asleep.

You might also practice yoga and meditation which is a great way of clearing your mind and letting go of the day’s worries, helping you to fall asleep.

5. No Use of Devices

Take care not to use electronic devices before going to bed. You should stop using light-emitting devices like smartphones and computers at least an hour or two before bedtime.

Even televisions or loud stereo music can disrupt your sleep. This light prevents your brain from shutting down, acting as a stimulant, and can prevent you from falling asleep.

6. Exercise More

You should exercise properly during the day for sleep to come. And by exertion, one does not simply mean office work. Go for a run. You should also limit your daytime nap because that will prevent you from getting uninterrupted sleep at night. However, also avoid being too active right before going to bed. A relaxing walk is just what you need.

7. Stop Overthinking

Overthinking, stress, and anxiety are the biggest bane of sleep. Learn to let go of things. Do not worry about your office stress at home. Instead, think of happy thoughts and concentrate on the good that has happened throughout the day. Going to sleep in a happy frame of mind will result in a more wholesome sleep.

Bottom Line

Your questions on how to get good sleep must be answered. With these simple tips, you are sure to make a big difference in your sleep patterns and the positive results will reflect in your good mood and energetic day.

Prakash Dhawan

Prakash Dhawan

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