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While all of us regularly require our daily dose of caffeine to function properly and remain alert throughout the day, most of us are not aware of the benefits of Green Coffee Beans. This is one of the few natural ingredients which is packed with antioxidants and we can obtain them without exerting much effort.

Green coffee bean is nothing but the natural beans growing on the trees, before they are plucked and roasted, after which they turn brown. They are in turn crushed and processed to be turned into the beverage we are so addicted to. Because it is a rich source of antioxidants as well as potent minerals and micronutrients which have anti-inflammatory properties, green coffee bean extracts are now considered a viable health supplement.

If you are someone who wants the goodness of coffee but without the punch of caffeine, then this is for you. The product is cGMP certified, has been pharmacist approved and is manufactured in top FDA approved facilities. The USP is that it has 1600 mg per serving, with each capsule of 800 mg and with 50% chlorogenic acid.

The positive findings related to green coffee bean extracts have been published in some of the leading journals of our times like the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Biomed Research International Journal and Journal of American College of Nutrition. Issues of these articles in the past have ruminated extensively on the advantages of consuming green coffee bean extracts for improvement of overall health.


  • Can lower blood pressure
  • Increases energy to make you more active
  • Improves immune system
  • Recommended for all healthy adults


  • X Can taste mildly bitter
  • X Could cause sleeplessness in the beginning with sudden burst of energy

How does Green Coffee Bean work?

As mentioned earlier, green coffee beans are the first sprouts from the coffee tree and they are roasted later. However, during the roasting process, the beans lose a vital nutrient, the chlorogenic acid. This nutrient has anti-inflammatory properties and can prevent the development of some kind of tumors in the body. Chlorogenic acid is also a kind of phenolic compound- in other words, it can help prevent some kinds of strokes and even heart ailments from setting in.

As an antioxidant, it can help slow down the process of cell-ageing. Green coffee beans also help in weight loss because it increases the lipid metabolism in the body. It improves sugar metabolism by regulating the release of insulin in the body. That is why it can assist in lowering blood sugar levels, reducing chances of major complications for those suffering from Type II diabetes.

It not only helps in increasing the metabolic rate, but studies have shown that it can also help enhance brain function, by releasing hormones that relieves stress and improves the mood. This is really helpful for those who are battling with mental health. It can also reduce fatigue and can reduce chronic headaches.

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Benefits of Green Coffee Bean:

Green Coffee Bean Benefits

Studies have shown that the Green coffee beans extracts yield the following benefits:

  • A. Can help boost energy: Green Coffee beans are known to increase energy because of the presence of caffeine. The percentage of caffeine in green beans are just optimum, because they occur with the presence of other micronutrients, as opposed to the amount of caffeine in roasted coffee beans. With more energy, you are bound to feel more charged about getting through the day.
  • B. Can Support Burning Body Fat: Green coffee beans helps in fat reduction as it increases the fatty acid oxidation. This burns the excess fat in the body and also helps in the reduction of further fat deposits. This markedly reduces body weight and target areas of the body like thigh, buttocks, waist and upper arms become leaner and toned. It also reduces leptin in the body, which is known as the fat hormone.
  • C. May Assist in Increasing Metabolism: The metabolic rate of the body is the rate at which the body burns fat. With enhanced metabolism, the body’s fat burning capacity goes up and it helps with rapid weight loss. It also helps in improving liver function which results in better absorption of micronutrients in the body.
  • D. Can Help in Suppression of Appetite: Green Coffee beans extracts helps in suppressing appetite. Overeating and binge eating and two major causes of weight gain. With appetite reduction, it is possible to attain better control over eating habits and thus battle weight gain more efficiently.
  • E. Can Support Better Skin Health: Green coffee beans are rich in antioxidants and they help in curtailing the corrosive effects of ageing. With the process of ageing slowed down, skin retains its elasticity better. Inflammations like rashes and pimples are also considerably reduced. One can take care of skin problems without having to resort to any cosmetic procedures.
  • F. Can Sustain reduction of Cholesterol: High levels of cholesterol in the blood can result in malfunctioning liver, which can even lead to liver fibrosis in extreme cases. Green coffee bean extracts can help lower the cholesterol levels in blood. It can help reduce hepatotoxicity, which is rise of toxins in the blood levels, thus resulting in purification of the entire system.
  • H. Helps Enhancing Immune System: The body’s immune system is its inherent protective shield and green coffee bean strengthens it further. As a rich source of many kinds of minerals and micronutrients, it can help increase the body’s capacity to fight various kinds of bacterial, fungal and even some kind of viral diseases.
  • I. May Improve Blood Circulation: Green coffee bean extracts dilate the blood vessels and thus helps in reducing blood pressure. It also improves blood circulation in the body and that helps in maintaining heart health.

You can learn more about the ingredients found in Green Coffee Bean via the link provided here.

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Green Coffee Bean Ingredients

The main ingredient in the product is Coffee bean extract:

Coffee bean extract is known to improve overall health of the body. It is the source of chlorogenic acid, responsible for a number of key health benefits. It prevents diseases, helps in improving heart health and fights obesity.

Green Coffee Bean Ingredients Recommended Intake

2 capsules are to be taken daily, 30 mins before breakfast and lunch, with 8 ounces of water.

Lead a healthy lifestyle and work out regularly to increase the performance of the tablets.

Health Risk of Green Coffee Bean

There are no health risks as such in consuming green coffee bean extracts.

However, those who have chronic heart disease should not consume the product without consulting the doctor.

Those who have had surgeries like gastric bypass or are into any other kind of medication for depression, must refrain from consuming the product without a consultation.

If consumed in large quantities, then the excess caffeine might cause sleep deprivation and anxiety.


  • • Those below the age of 18 should not consume the product.
  • • Pregnant and lactating mothers should not consume the product without the doctor’s advice.
  • • Those who have liver problems or are taking medication for cholesterol should consult a doctor about the dosage.


Green coffee beans are a purely herbal remedy for taking care of a number of health problems. It acts as a stimulant without causing any damage to the nervous system. Order your pack today to experience a renewed surge of energy and a noticeable difference in weight.


What is green coffee extract ?

Green Coffee Extract is a supplement that helps in losing weight and improves blood circulation in the body for a strong and healthy system.

How to make green coffee ?

Green Coffee is made by deriving the nutrients from the coffee beans before they are roasted and turn brown. The roasting process results in the bean losing many of its nutrients but green coffee retains almost all of them.

How much caffeine is in green coffee bean extract ?

The caffeine level in the coffee bean extract depends entirely on the beans from which the extract is derived. However, a 34.1 g kg-1 dry mass of extract is taken from standard Arabica coffee.

What are the benefits of green coffee bean ?

Green coffee beans help in weight reduction and improve blood circulation. It is a powerful appetite suppressant and also helps in lowering blood sugar levels and cholesterol. It increases energy and enhances the immune system.

Can you eat coffee beans ?

Coffee beans cannot be eaten by themselves. To derive the benefits of green coffee beans, one has to rely on supplements which are made into an easy to consume pill.

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