Do you have a passion in health and fitness? Do you have an online store that deals with natural, organic and nutritional supplements? If yes, join Nutrition Forest Affiliate Program and generate revenue by advertising our products and referring customers to our website. Nutrition Forest affiliate program is free of cost. This affiliate program gives you a chance of earning revenue by placing links of our website on your website. You will get a commission for each visitor who visits our website ( through these links and make a qualified purchase.

Nutrition Forest affiliate program welcomes all sites to apply for this program provided they should not be involved in promoting any kind of illegal activity or content. So whether your site is new or well-established, you’re encouraged to apply. We personally review all applications and will notify Affiliates upon acceptance.

It’s very easy to join Nutrition Forest affiliate program. You can join this program by Creating your account with our Affiliate Partner ShareSale. We provide you with all of the tools you need as an Affiliate. You can add links to your website and access reports online so you can see how well you’re doing as an Affiliate.


You must be wondering why to join Nutrition Forest affiliate program. Here are some benefits that affiliates experience after joining our program.

  1. Make Money. You can earn up to 15% commission advertising our products.
  2. We offer a comprehensive range of products.
  3. Increase your eminence by selling our branded health products to your visitors. Impress your visitors with valuable links to products and services they might not have known about.
  4. Our products are high quality products.
  5. Satisfy your visitor by providing them access to tremendous high quality natural supplements at reasonable prices.
  6. We have a high conversion rate. It will help you easily earn your commission.
  7. We have a dedicated affiliate management team, always ready to solve your queries and assisting you.


Earn up to 35% commission on referrals who make purchases with us. You will get your commission on Net15 Payment Terms.


Coupon Policy Terms
Affiliates agree not to utilize, advertise or otherwise promote any brands, promotional code or coupon not made available to Affiliates through affiliate network directly without first obtaining written permission from Use of false or misleading advertising related to the business or promotions is prohibited. Violation in any terms listed herein may result in loss of commissions and/or immediate termination from the program.

Invalid Conversions are Prohibited
This is to inform you that conversions generated through your ads must result from genuine user interest. Any method that generates invalid conversions is strictly prohibited.

These methods include but are not limited to using an expired or stolen credit card for purchases, buying and returning items to earn commissions, submitting registrations with fake information, self-inflating, duplicating or stealing registrations, or using a device, program, robot, or other means to echo actual purchases or other qualified actions.

Encouraging Conversions
Affiliates are allowed to encourage users to convert through their ads, although if compensation is being offered to users as an incentive for purchasing or generating other qualified actions, it must be approved by us. For example, ‘loyalty’ sites that provide users with miles, points, or some other type of reward for converting are allowed as long as they are approved. In addition, publishers may not make purchases through Commission Junction ads on their own site as a means of getting cash back on purchases, this behavior is strictly prohibited and violation will result in loss of commissions and/or immediate termination from the program.

Email Marketing
Affiliates may display ads in emails to users who have opted to receive emails. Affiliates displaying ads in emails must adhere to all applicable legislation and regulations governing email marketing. Emails must:

  • Contain accurate sender information and subject lines
  • Include a functioning Internet based opt-out mechanism
  • Include publisher’s postal address
  • Not be false or misleading

Additional Terms

  • It may not include “Nutrition Forest” or variations or misspellings in its domain name.
  • It should not incorporate any materials which infringe on any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights or to violate the law.
  • It should not purchase or bid for placement of any of Nutrition Forest’s trademarked company names and any variation of our trademarked names, service marks or copyrighted terms and logo.
  • Any method that automatically plants an affiliate cookie is strictly prohibited. Any method that automatically redirects the customer to Nutrition Forest website by execution of an affiliate link is in violation of the Affiliate Program Agreement. The customer must click on a affiliate link to set the affiliate cookie.
  • If we reject your application you can reapply to the Program at any time. You should also note that if we accept your application and your site is thereafter determined (at our sole discretion) to be unsuitable for the Program, we can terminate this Agreement.
  • Re sellers are not eligible to become Affiliates. Affiliates who are terminated from the Program are forbidden to reapply at any time in the future. Any such attempts to do so will result in terminated commissions.
  • You will be solely responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of your site and for all materials that appear on your site.
  • The term of this Agreement will begin upon our acceptance of your Program application and will end when terminated by either party. We may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, by giving you seven days’ written notice of termination.
  • We may modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, at any time and at our sole discretion, by creating a new Program Term with a new agreement attached.
  • You and we are independent contractors and nothing in this Agreement will create any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or employment relationship between the parties or our respective affiliates. You will have no authority to make or accept any offers or representations, guarantees or warranties on our or our affiliates’ behalf.
  • Neither we, nor any of our affiliates, will be liable for indirect, special or consequential damages or any loss of revenue, profits or data arising in connection with this Agreement or the Program, even if we, or any of our affiliates, have been advised of the possibility of such damages.
  • To the fullest extent permitted by law, neither we nor any of our affiliates makes any express or implied warranties or representations with respect to the Program or any Products sold through the Program.