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Last Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Vitamin B7, popularly known as Biotin, is an essential nutrient in our body which is responsible for luscious hair and healthy skin. The absence of Biotin in the human system could lead to brittle nails, acute hair fall and uneven skin tone.

Biotin is a water soluble vitamin and it is produced naturally by the body. The intestines secrete biotin when they are healthy and are not afflicted by any digestive illnesses. However, a number of factors limit the optimum secretion of biotin because the gastrointestinal system comes under regular attack by microbes. Hence, biotin supplements become essential to compensate for biotin deficiency in the body.

Biotin supplements can prevent skin allergies and problems like scalp irritation, which can lead to hair fall. One of the USPs of the product is that it is available in capsule form, and yet it is free from gelatin. The product is prepared in a FDA registered facility, in keep with all the norms and regulations prescribed to make supplements. It is also cGMP certified, contains no added preservatives and is pharmacist recommended.

Poor health, acute hairfall and unhealthy pallor can result in low self esteem. Not being able to look and feel your absolute best can prove to be a hindrance when it comes to moving forward in life. Biotin can help you get rid of these health issues in a completely natural manner and the benefits have been discussed extensively in various journals like Journal of Evidence- based Complementary & Alternative Medicine and Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease.


  • Results in glowing skin
  • Promotes bountiful hair growth
  • Growth of strong nails
  • Increases Energy


  • X Can interact adversely with some drugs or medicines
  • X Might cause acne

How does Biotin work?

Biotin affects our internal organs and endocrine system more than we know about. It is responsible for reducing the thickness of arterial walls, which causes reduction in systolic blood pressure. It also acts on lipid metabolism, thereby reducing the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood stream. It also helps in better brain function, by keeping the brain cells from ageing with advanced years. The proper functioning of the nervous system, including coordination between muscles and ligaments, is also enhanced with the right biotin levels.

Biotin can help regularize menstrual cycle in women, can ease problems related to reproductive organs and promote lactation. Biotin also helps boost immunity and forms a protective shield in the body against the onslaught of various kinds of bacterial and viral infections. It can also reduce inflammatory diseases like dermatitis. Overall, it can prevent the occurrence of many chronic diseases in the body, by nipping the symptoms in the bud.

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Benefits of Biotin:

Biotin Benefits The inclusion of Biotin in one’s daily diet will result in the following benefits:
  • I• Support Healthy Hair Growth & Prevent Hair Fall: Biotin will give the consumer a mane of beautiful hair. If you are suffering from issues like hair fall, dry and brittle hair, frizzy hair, greys and dandruff, then regular intake of biotin can help reduce the intensity of problems over time, giving you lustrous tresses. Biotin helps in smoothening the hair cuticles, and strengthens the follicles to prevent hair loss.
  • II• Regulate Blood Sugar: Biotin can regular fluctuating sugar levels and thus regular blood sugar levels. Those who are suffering from diabetes, but are averse to taking medication, can rely on biotin to bring sugar levels in check. Insulin sensitivity is increased as the body starts producing optimum insulin, without the need of medication, although it is advisable to seek professional consultation.
  • III• Support Stronger & Shiny Nails: Are you worried about your nails breaking or turning yellow? Strong, white nails are an indicator of a fit and healthy body. Regular intake of biotin will give you strong nails. You will cease to have any more manicure nightmares and your nails will become shiny and thick.
  • IV• Boost Energy: Biotin will increase your energy levels by increasing metabolism. It helps in the more efficient conversion of calories into energy, ad reduces the amount of fat deposits in the body. The constant feeling of lethargy plaguing you throughout the day and keeping you away from your daily tasks will gradually melt away. You will find yourself more vivaciously engaged in physical activities. This is why it is regularly included in the diet of athletes to increase their stamina.
  • V• Maintain Healthy Skin: Biotin will gift you healthy and glowing skin by improving skin texture and eliminating skin anomalies. Patchy or uneven skin tones, latent marks of scarring, pimples and allergies are visibly reduced. Biotin helps in the production of collagen, the natural building blocks of skin which improves skin elasticity and prevents wrinkles from setting in. Appearance of inflammatory skin infections and rashes will also go down.
  • VI• Aid in Weight Loss: Biotin can help with weight loss by reducing fat deposits in the body. It is instrumental in breaking down amino acid into glucose which is again burnt as calories, instead of remaining in the body as fat. It also increases resting metabolic rate. It helps in better digestion, by maintaining the overall health of pancreas, liver and the rest of the endocrine system.

You can learn more about the ingredients found in Biotin via the link provided here.

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The key ingredient is of the supplement is Biotin, or as they are also known as, Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H. The vitamin is extracted from natural and purely organic sources, making it completely safe for consumption for an adult with no major pre-existing health concerns. However, a doctor’s consultation before including it in one’s daily diet is a prudent idea.

Biotin Ingredients Recommended Intake

1 capsule of Biotin supplement is to be taken daily with 8 ounces of regular water, before the morning’s first meal on an empty stomach.

HHealth Risk of Biotin

Biotin helps in improving the body’s overall health and there are no major health risks as such. Issues might only arise if one overdoses on biotin. In that case, the user might experience stomach ache, skin rashes and fluctuating glucose levels in the blood stream. These issues are avoidable if one follows the doctor’s prescription or the recommended intake.


  • • Biotin supplement is not recommended for children under 18 years, unless recommended by the doctor.
  • • If you are on a special diet, or if you are on a course of medicines with a specific set of micronutrients, do not consume biotin supplements without medical consultation as they might react with certain other minerals.


With the regular intake of Biotin, you are sure to experience a new surge of energy in your body. Your body will be become more receptive to the benefits of various other micronutrients as well. You are bound to feel like a whole new person, with healthy skin and lustrous hair, radiating confidence like never before. Order your pack today, and you can start your journey towards better health.

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