Biotin 10,000mcg

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  • Prevent Hair Fall*
  • Aid in Weight Loss*
  • Reduces Bad Cholesterol*
  • Support Healthy Hair Growth*
  • Support Stronger & Shiny Nails*
  • Boost Energy & Improve Skin Tone*

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109 reviews for Biotin 10,000mcg

  1. John (verified owner)

    I have taken this product for almost a month and have to share the fact that this product works! I had thin nails & hair. But now the new nail and hair growth is stronger than before.This is Amazzzing! Those who are facing the same problem must go for this.

  2. Justin (verified owner)

    This is so awesome product my friend recommended me to use this because I have been a lot of falling hair before. Highly recommended to anyone.

  3. Pat (verified owner)

    This product works. I no longer have dandruff in my hair. I will write another review in a month!

  4. blake (verified owner)

    My hair started growing. I will definitely be ordering this again once I am out of this bottle!

  5. Veronica (verified owner)

    excellent, i have been taking nutrition forest biotin for almost a year and have seen great results. My hair has grown faster and it looks healthier. And i had 2 other friends try this same brand and dosage also and they are seeing results as well. Try it, you wont be disappointed, my results are very impressive as soon in pictures.

  6. Loyce Taylor (verified owner)

    the best hair product I’ve ever tried. My hairs were dull and lifeless. But after using the biotin supplements, hairs are getting better and better.

  7. Mary Boe (verified owner)

    I have been using nutrition forest biotin for the last 3 months and have had great results. This product really works, you will see the result after 1month and it’s really amazing.

  8. Patrice Bowe (verified owner)

    This product works. It’s definitely thickening my hair & promoting hair growth.

  9. Grainne Hayes (verified owner)

    nutrition forest biotin is worth trying it’s solved my problem with my hair growth I also had itchy and dandruff. It stopped my itchy head and dandruff gone. I highly recommend trying this for better hairs growths and other benefits.

  10. Zackery P (verified owner)

    I can’t rave about this more! I had peeling brittle nails and hair loss as you can see in my image, after taking this for 3 months i now have tons of new growth in empty patches and my nails OMG !!! I have never had nails this hard.You won’t regret it!

  11. Brittany Coles (verified owner)

    I bought this after experiencing massive hair loss. My hair has been so damaged from my excessive hair dying. After trying biotin 10,000 mcg I have seen great improvements, I am a customer for life, thank you 💗💗 for such an amazing product

  12. Barbara (verified owner)

    biotin has made my hair feel AMAZING! my hair feels a lot stronger and healthier than it has in a long time! I’m quite impressed with 10,000 mcg I have been using 5000 mcg biotins before but with very limited results, but this product exceeds my expectations! 🥰🥰🥰

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