Zinc 50mg

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  • Strengthen Your Immune System*
  • Protect Against Viruses Attack*
  • Lift Mood and Improve Sleep*
  • Support Healthy Hair*
  • Support Bones & Height Growth*
  • Relieve Stress and Anxiety*


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19 reviews for Zinc 50mg

  1. Oralia Knee (verified owner)

    The brand delivers as expected, and I am satisfied with my purchase.👍👍🔥 When I run out I’ll definitely reorder the same bottle.

  2. Lahoma (verified owner)

    I have started consuming this for over a year already… breaking the immune system’s half-daily consumption. Helps fight or shorten the time you have colds, fever.

  3. dorothy (verified owner)

    😇 I was not feeling very energetic due to the tension of the pandemic and lack of leadership. I’ve heard that zinc is strong against Covid as well so I started taking it a few months earlier.

  4. Brian Carlos (verified owner)

    Been feeling great every since taking these. I bite one in half and crunch it up into pieces for better absorption. Do this in the morning and at night before bed. I used to get very tired after sex or in the morning (especially mornings the day after sex), but not anymore!

  5. Edgar M (verified owner)

    I haven’t even had sniffles even after being around sick patients. I take it 2x a day with food and have not had any trouble with my abdomen.

  6. Cynthia Elliott (verified owner)

    I tried many different brands and types of zinc. Including more expensive name brands. This one seems to be the most effective. When I do not have enough zinc I will start to get eczema. My eczema starts to come back when I have taken other brands/types of zinc. When I take 50 mg at night & 50 mg in the morning of this product, my eczema is non-existent. Maybe this one works better for me because it is in tablet form. The others I have tried were capsules.

  7. Emily (verified owner)

    I love how easy to swallow these are. And the value is great. I was spending too much on my vitamins each month. Nutrition Forest Zinc, I am getting quality, quantity and saving money on buy 2 get 1 free package. Plus, I know that they are helping to support my immune system. Great product, highly recommended!

  8. Jefferey Horst (verified owner)

    I’m so happy I was able to purchase more of these supplements before they ran out due to the coronavirus. I’ve been taking these for a coupe years now and I believe they’ve kept me from getting sick with the routine seasonal head colds. I would get sick at least a couple times a year, but no anymore! These are low dose and safe to take.

  9. Todd Brinegar (verified owner)

    These are great zinc supplements. 50mg is a good dose, as you don’t have to worry about getting too much zinc. I really like how tiny they are, and Nutrition forest is a great brand. These can be difficult to find locally.

  10. Maria Caswell

    💲💲 Value for money, I am old person. I was short of few minerals and Zinc is one among them. Taking the Zinc tablets alternate days to catch-up. I will stop and switch to natural sources like vegetables when I reach normal levels.

  11. Ali Mullins (verified owner)

    been using for a long time…unfortunately its not in stocked yet so i have to back ordered today. pls get them shipped soon as i am expecting delivery soon.

  12. Lori Constantine (verified owner)

    great product. small sized-even my teen can swallow. been using for years with good results

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