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Krill Oil Pills has been specifically designed to combat the deficiency of Omega 3 fatty acid in the body. Omega 3 not only boosts physical health, but it is an essential nutrient which keep the brain cells from deteriorating, preventing the onset of mental diastases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It can also help in fighting clinical depression and assist in fighting various kinds of neurological disorders.

Omega 3 fatty acids, as well as some other kind of fatty acids are mostly found in seafood. As the supplement provides pure Krill Oil extract, there are zero chances of consuming seafood which might be laced with industrial pollutants as almost all kinds of waste are emptied into the sea.

While those living near the coast have access to marine life, those living away from it might not always have the opportunity to include fish in their diet. Some just might not like to consume fish because of the odor. However, all of this could eventually result in Omega fatty acids deficiency in the body. The supplement thus removes this discrepancy with an easy-to-swallow, soft gel formula that is accessible by everyone.

The supplement leaves no fishy aftertaste and the USP of the product is that it provides 500 mg per serving with Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids, along with EPA and DHA- the last two found primarily in Krill, rather than in other regular fish species. The supplement is made primarily from organic Antarctic Ocean Krill and is processed in FDA approved facilities. It is also cGMP certified and pharmacist recommended.


  • Leaves no fishy after taste
  • Non-GMO
  • Supports vision improvement


  • X Could cause insomnia in few due to sudden surge of energy.
  • X Could result in low pressure in the initial days.

How does Krill Oil Pills work?

Krill Oil works primarily by slowing down cell degeneration in the body and brain. This is why it can reduce the intensity of vision loss in the elderly, can reduce the propensity of memory loss and also slows down skin ageing, preventing wrinkles and dark spots.

Along with Omega 3, Omega 6 fatty acid helps in the growth and development of the body and Omega 9 fatty acid is responsible for strengthening the immune system of the body as well as suppresses the rise of bad cholesterol in the blood stream. Numerous research and studies across the world have corroborated these findings.

Krill Oil can make you feel better and fitter. It helps in relaxing muscles, easing muscle cramps ad ligament pain. It is known to relieve joint pain. With regular intake, it also helps in increasing muscle strength, giving you the freedom to move about with greater agility. It can also prevent blood clotting, reducing the chances of strokes and heart attacks caused by clogged arteries.

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Benefits of Krill Oil Pills:

Krill Oil Benefits The following are the benefits of Krill Oil:
  • 1. Helps in Improving Eye Sight: Krill Oil is known to enhance eye sight and can prevent macular degeneration. It can help improve eyesight because of the presence of DHA, which is essential for building the retina of the eye. Chances of vision impairment and blindness are significantly reduced.
  • 2. Prevents Blood Clotting: Krill Oil can help reduce blood clots in veins, which is one of the principal causes of strokes and heart attacks. Omega 3, the main nutrient found in Krill Oil, prevents platelets from clumping together, and also increases the levels of good HDL cholesterol in the blood stream.
  • 3. Boosts Muscle Strength: Krill Oil helps in increasing stamina and muscle strength. It can reduce metabolic syndrome, which is one of the leading causes of obesity. Increased metabolism results in leaner and stronger muscles and reduced fat deposits in the body. Inflammation in muscles and ligaments also go down.
  • 4. Assists in Strengthening Hair Roots: For lustrous tresses, strong roots are a prerequisite as it helps the strands absorb the nutrients from the scalp. Krill Oil helps in strengthening the roots, increasing their absorption power, and thereby reducing hair fall.
  • 5. Enhances Brain Function: Omega 3 fatty acids present in Krill Oil helps in improving brain function and also reduces chances of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. In fact, as opposed to regular Fish oil, which only consists of AHA, Krill Oil consists EPA and DHA, which prevents cell degeneration in the brain. It also helps in improving memory.
  • 6. May Control Blood Pressure: Krill Oil reduces the percentage of bad cholesterol in blood and likewise increases good cholesterol. It also relaxes and dilates the arteries, keeping blood pressure in check.
  • 7. Helps Achieve Glowing Skin: Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids present in Krill Oil is a powerhouse of antioxidants. They can reduce signs of ageing and help in skin cell renewal. Optimum amounts of antioxidants are essential for the uninhibited increase of collagen, the primary building block of skin cells and responsible for elasticity. Thus, one can achieve youthful looking radiant skin with the regular intake of the supplement.
  • 8. Supports Healthy Joints: Krill Oil almost acts like a lubricant for the joints and ligaments in the body. It can bring relief to those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and can also reduce inflammation in joints like knees, elbows and knuckles.

You can learn more about the ingredients found in Krill Oil via the link provided here.

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Krill Oil Pills Ingredients

The principal ingredient is Krill Oil derived from the Pacific Ocean near the continent of Antarctica, where the sea is supposed to be the cleanest. The extract is a rich source of Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids, along with EPA and DHA, as well as elements like Phospholipids and Astaxanthin.

Krill Oil Ingredients Recommended Intake of Krill Oil Pills

It is recommended that 2 capsules be taken daily with 8 ounces of water, 30 to 60 minutes before lunch or dinner.

Health Risk of Krill Oil

Krill Oil does not pose any major health risk. However, those allergic to seafood should be careful while taking the supplement as the extracts are mostly derived from ocean krill.

One must also refrain from using the supplement if one is already on medication or heart problems or cholesterol. A doctor’s consultation is a must.


Any healthy adult can partake of Krill Oil, unless they are suffering from any ailment for which they are on regular medication.

Only those above the age of 18 can take the supplement.

Pregnant or lactating women should not take the supplement without consulting a physician.

Those on medication for depression or mental illness should not take the supplement without a consultation.


Krill Oil supplement is a wonderful way to incorporate Omega 3 and other fatty acids and micronutrients in the diet, without having to consume fish if one is not particularly fond of it or fails to gain access to fresh seafood. It greatly helps in improving one’s quality of life by enhancing the physical and well as mental wellbeing of the user. Order your pack today and see the difference yourself.


Is krill oil better than fish oil?

Some researchers say that Krill Oil is far better than regular fish oil. Krill Oil is richer in protein and it has a higher percentage of Omega 3. This is very beneficial for improving the overall health of the brain cells. It prevents deterioration of memory in the elderly and prevents the onset of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Is krill oil bad for your liver?

No, Krill Oil is not bad for you liver. The right dose of krill oil, can in fact, improve the condition of your liver. It enables the liver to produce the right amount of glucose and fat and also maintains the cholesterol level in the body, greatly improving liver health.

Is krill oil good for your eyes?

Krill oil is considered very good for the eyes. It can prevent macular degeneration and it can improve vision. It prevents the nerve and cells of the eyes from drying up, one of the most common cause of blindness set on by old age.

Can krill oil cause high blood pressure?

The right dose of Krill Oil, in fact regulates blood pressure in the body. It reduces the cholesterol levels, thereby keeping the heart in good shape. The heart functions more efficiently and the bloodstream carries out the toxins from the body, keeping the heart and other organs safe.

What is krill oil ?

Krill Oil is the oil derived from tiny sea creatures called krill. They are distantly related to shrimps. The oil is a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

What is krill oil good for ?

Krill oil is remarkable for reducing swellings and inflammations. It can reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body. It can reduce stickiness of blood platelets, preventing blood clots, which can be a cause for strokes.

How much krill oil should i take ?

Ideally, Krill oil should be taken within the limits of 250 mg and 500 mg, with a combination of EPA and DHA.

Which is better krill oil or fish oil ?

Krill oil is considered better than regular fish oil because of the high concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids. It is more concentrated and is assimilated better by the blood stream.

When to take krill oil morning or night ?

Krill oil can be taken any time during the day. However, it is better to divide the dosage into two parts to prevent acid reflux.

What is krill oil made of ?

The principal components of Krill Oil are EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which are the two main types of Omega 3 fatty acids.

How long does krill oil stay in your system ?

Krill oil starts increasing the Omega 3 levels in your body rapidly but it is only after 6 weeks that you will be able to notice a significant change in your system like mood alleviation or pain relief.

After you try the product please send us your review so we can include your comments in our follow up section.

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