Krill Oil 500mg

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  • Improve Eye Sight & Hair Roots*
  • Prevents Blood Clotting*
  • Support Muscle Strength*
  • Improve Brain Function*
  • Improve or Restore Skin Elasticity*
  • Support Healthy Joints*


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149 reviews for Krill Oil 500mg

  1. Salvador

    I had weak eye sight. Many friends advised me to have fish to improve eye sight but I never had because I don’t like it. One day i searched a supplement for eye sight I got to know about this combo of Nutrition forest. I had it and got the amazing results.

  2. Edward

    What a great deal on something that I use everyday. Love this brand. So many things good about krill oil I don’t know where to begin. Everyone can benefit from krill oil 500mg

  3. Louise Meyer

    I bought this for my husband because he was suffering from joints aching. When he started taking it, he felt improvement in his health. Now his joints don’t pain.

  4. Troy Caldwell

    I purchased this krill oil for the strength and high astaxanthin content. I was told by my physician that my cholesterol levels are above normal and that I need to improve my diet. I heard a lot about krill oil in the media recently and decided to give it a try. I take two tablets each morning. I am very happy with the quality of this product. At my last appointment my LDL and triglyceride levels have decreased so I will be continuing taking this krill oil to maintain healthy levels.

  5. Jeffrey Upke

    Fairly pleased with this supplement. I love how these are smaller than my normal fish oil pills, and do just as well,. But to me it’s worth it to be able to take smaller pills. After ordering I was very pleased with how quickly they were shipped and I received them. Wish all of my shipping experiences were this great!

  6. Alicia Zook

    I have used other krill oils for a long time with some benefits. Then I did some research on krill oil and set out to find a better one. Although it means taking two pills instead of one a day, the benefits are far more noticeable. I have a clearer mind and more energy which was exactly what I was looking for. I am 66 years old and intend to live a lot longer, but with a better quality of life.

  7. Amy Montoya

    I love this product. I noticed while I have been using this my joints have stopped aching.And you get the highest of Omega 3 Highly Recommend!!

  8. Shirley Lee

    After doing tons of research on omega-3 supplements I have decided to purchase Nutrition Forest krill oil 500mg. This product offers great value in terms of the amount of omega-3s contained. Another important ingredient to look for is astaxanthin, a very powerful antioxidant. The cheaper krill oils on the market will have significantly less of these active ingredients. I can really notice an improvement in how my skin looks and feels as well as in my mood and energy levels while taking this krill oil. I am very happy with this krill oil and would highly recommend this product to everyone.

  9. Barbara Shaffer

    I bought this to prove to my doctor I didn’t need a statin, I’m also taking fish oil but added this and my cholesterol is down, haha she gave me prescription for a statin but I didn’t take it. When she came in the room she said everything looks good the statin is working for you. Then I told her I wasn’t on it, then explained what I’m taking and she said keep doing what I’m doing.

  10. Larry Henderson

    I liked these supplements. I regularly took pills and in 15 days i got radiant skin, my bones and veins stopped aching. Now I can retain longer and feel no fishy taste.

  11. Frances Hall

    Been taking this stuff since I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and cholesterol. 6 months later and my pressure dropped 30 points and also my bad chol. dropped to the safe area. This really worked well.

  12. Katherine Davis

    Husband decided to try a new brand of Krill. I ordered Nutrition Forest Krill Oil 500mg for him. I received the package, It was a small bottle containing 60 soft gels, enough for just about 1 month. I tell that he is satisfied with the product the effect for him is good so far.

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