5x Immune Boost

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  • 5 Keys Immune Boost Ingredients
  • Boost Immunity and Defense
  • Helps Treat Cough and Cold
  • Powerful Antioxidant Formula
  • Increase Energy & Improve Memory
  • Reduce Stress & Improves Sleep

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39 reviews for 5x Immune Boost

  1. Gunawathy (verified owner)

    Never in my life have I cared so much about keeping my immune system strong ! This product has a great dose of four different immune support ingredients. Happy nutrition forest was able to launch this and help its customers stay healthy during this troubling time !

  2. Donna Bever (verified owner)

    Perfect supplement for 2020!

  3. Hieu Cao (verified owner)

    I have been using this product since February and haven’t had any kind of cold since. Would definitely recommend.

  4. Les Stone (verified owner)

    The best vitamins for immune boosting! Elderberry, Vitamin C, zinc and echinacea are the perfect combination of ingredients. Also gives me peace of mind with the current pandemic going on.

  5. Millie Thomas (verified owner)

    Two capsules daily have helped me with feeling less sick. Also lowers my frequency of being sick

  6. Paul Thoms (verified owner)

    These Immunity boosters are value for money. I Bought 3 and I got 2 Bottles free. Trustworthy Manufacturer. I have to see how it effects my wellbeing and immune system. I am extremely happy with the quantity and quality of packaging.

  7. Zhou (verified owner)

    i like the product and specially fast shipping, thanks to nutrition forest

  8. Prakash (verified owner)

    My family has been taking the Immune Support capsules for the last few months and so far so good, no colds, runny noses or the flu!!!! We have recommended these capsules to all of our family and friends!!!!

  9. Yvonne Gay (verified owner)

    These capsules are awesome! They have everything I want to help support my immune system (elderberry, zinc, echinacea, AND vitamin C!) all in one tiny little package. I take two of these everyday and have never felt better! Will definitely be ordering more.

  10. Linda Martin (verified owner)

    Trying to stay healthy with everything going on these days and this product definitely helps. Paired with nutrition forest zinc… a great combo to boost the immune system.

  11. Dolly (verified owner)

    I bought this for my family! They don’t mind taking it every morning and I love the ingredients! Great vitamin for immune support!

  12. Jasmine Judah (verified owner)

    I feel very comfortable taking this product as it has ALL of the essential immune boosting ingredients. Highly recommend if your looking for a nice immune boost for you or your family. This product contains high quality ingredients and working in the supplement industry for over two years, I am very picky what I take. I will definitely continue to by from this company due to the clean ingredients and how the product works. Awesome product!

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