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Zinc is a mineral which is crucial for the body’s growth and development and it is responsible for the proper functioning of a number of the body’s vital organs. An individual may become prone to certain kinds of illnesses as a result of zinc deficiency because it lead to a weakened immune system. Deficiency of zinc during child could lead to growth impediments in children.

Zinc 50 mg has been designed primarily to address these issues. Maintaining an optimum dose of zinc in the body could lead to a better immune system, which is important for any individual in times of a raging pandemic. It provides a protective shield against viral infections and helps in curing external wounds, healing them faster.

Zinc 50 mg tablets have 50 mg of zinc with each serving, which is the recommended daily dosage of zinc intake recommended for adults by the RDA. The product is available in tablet form, as compared to the capsules manufactured by other pharmaceuticals, and is hence, free of gelatin. The product is manufactured in FDA approved facility. It is also cGMP certified and is pharmacist recommended.


  • Strengthens immune system
  • Protection against viral infection
  • Helps improve sleep patterns
  • Cures wounds faster


  • X Slightly metallic taste
  • X Slight instances of nausea

How does Zinc Capsules 50 mg work?

How Zinc 50mg Work

The Zinc works by maintaining the overall health and well being of the body. The deficiency of zinc could lead to myriad problems in the body pertaining to the gastric and digestive system, weakness in bones and muscles, gastric issues and problems in the reproductive system, among others. Deficiency of zinc in males could lead to reduced sperm count, which is why zinc is highly recommended by doctors to those with fertility issues. In women, it can help resolve ovarian problems which often prevent them from conceiving.

Zinc deficiency could lead to acute hairfall leading to alopecia and could cause changes in skin tone or texture, resulting in patchy skin. It could lead to hormonal imbalance in the body, resulting in weight gain.

Although zinc is found naturally in many food products like meat, nuts, beans and whole grains, not all people have access to these food items in optimum amount, which is why a supplement like Zinc 50 mg is required to make up for the deficit amount of zinc in one’s daily intake. Regular intake of zinc is known to improve metabolism as well and increases energy levels.

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Benefits of Zinc Capsules: 50mg

Zinc Benefits

Here are some of the most well known benefits of zinc which helps improve the overall quality of life and health of an individual.

  • A. Strong Immune Support: Zinc strengthens the body’s capacity to fight many kinds of bacteria and viruses. It helps in releasing T-cells, which are the body’s frontline defenders in fighting infections. By enhancing the immune function, it increases the body’s natural capacity to fight disease bearing germs which enter the body and prevent them from multiplying.
  • B. Lifts mood: Zinc acts a natural mood lifter. Considering the stressful lives that most of us tend to lead, most of us have difficulty coping with our surroundings. We become irritable and restless, and that keeps us from enjoying the best moments from our lives. Adding zinc to your diet will help alleviate your mood and spirit.
  • C. Stress relief: Zinc helps a lot with relieving stress. Depression has become a common occurrence and most patients, unable to cope with their deteriorating mental health, resort to drugs or sedatives to help with it. Zinc greatly helps in reducing stress levels, which is why it is often used as an important ingredient for anti-depressant medication.
  • D. Bone Support: Zinc is helps in providing bone support and is recommended for patients suffering from osteoporosis. Along with calcium, it helps increase bone strength and also prevents bone degeneration, which comes on with age. Zinc is also prescribed to pregnant women to improve to improve the bone structure and proper bone development of the fetus, along with cell generation.
  • E. Helps with Height gain in children: A deficiency of zinc can result in slow growth of children, and they might not gain the desired height. Zinc works by strengthening the spine and also lengthening the spinal bone, which can improve height gain in children if they are administered zinc from an early age.
  • F. Improves Sleep pattern: The lack of melatonin in the body can cause irregular sleep. Zinc helps the body in metabolizing this essential hormone and it results in proper, deep sleep. It soothes the body’s nervous system, making them less alert to external stimuli and helps an individual complete their sleep. This automatically leads to lower stress levels and improves concentration on waking up.
  • G. Prevents macular degeneration: Zinc helps with vision retention and prevents macular degeneration, one of the common problems with people of advanced age. It prevents cellular damage which harms the retina, and prevents the nerve endings in the eye from drying up with age.

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Zinc Capsules 50mg Ingredients

Our premium Zinc 50mg product comprises of four major ingredients:

The predominant ingredient in Zinc 50 mg is zinc, attained from 100% natural sources, extracted and developed by renowned researchers and scientists, who have lent their years of experience to the development of this product.

Zinc Ingredients Recommended Intake of Zinc Capsules

2 tablets are recommended daily, one each 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner, with 8 ounces of regular or lukewarm water.

Health Risk of Zinc 50mg

Zinc supplements are safe to consume and does not have any major health risks as such, though the person’s individual body constituency has to be taken into account as well.

It could cause some nausea initially and tendency of vomiting due to the metallic taste of the mineral. But that soon passes away as the body gets accustomed to the regular dosage of zinc.


  • • 50 mg should only be taken by adults. Children and teenagers have lower recommended intake amounts and should not consume 50 mg servings of zinc.
  • • While zinc is an important part of the diet for pregnant and lactating women, the dosage differs from case to case. Hence, such women should not take Zinc 50 mg without the doctor’s recommendation.
  • • Zinc should not be taken if one is already on a supplement for another mineral, without knowing about the consequences of both the minerals’ reaction with each other.


With the optimum intake of zinc, you can lead a healthy and long life and be rid of many common ailments which plague us on a daily basis. Consult your doctor today and order your pack of Zinc 50 mg and you are sure to notice a qualitative change in your life.


What foods contain zinc ?

Zinc is found in certain types of beans, nuts, whole grains and also in certain seafood. The richest source of zinc is meat and poultry.

How much zinc is too much ?

Ideally, 40 mg of zinc is recommended daily for adults. Beyond that, it is considered too much and might have adverse effects on the human body.

When to take zinc ?

Zinc should ideally be taken two hours after meal, before bedtime.

When was zinc discoverd ?

It is believed that zinc was first discovered as a metal by German chemist Andreas Marggraf in 1746. It was discovered as an important element in the human body in 1869. That zinc deficiency in the body can cause several symptoms was first discovered in 1963.

How does zinc help a cold ?

Zinc helps in reducing common cough and cold. Common cold is a result of a viral infection and zinc helps in curbing the growth of rhinovirus, the virus that lodges in the nose and throat and results in cough and cold.

Why is zinc important ?

Zinc is essential for the human body because it helps in strengthening the immune system. It helps in growth and is hence recommened for pregnant women for the healthy growth of the fetus. It can cure diarrhea in infants and improves appetite. It can also result in healthy hair, skin and nails.

How many mg of zinc per day ?

Ideally, an adult woman should take 8 mg of zinc per day and men should take 11 mg of zinc.

How long does zinc take to clear acne ?

It can take three months for results to show if you are taking zinc for reducing acne. However, after that the acne is cured from within, with the swelling going down and the skin also produces less sebum, the main cause of acne.

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