Krill Oil 500mg

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  • Improve Eye Sight & Hair Roots*
  • Prevents Blood Clotting*
  • Support Muscle Strength*
  • Improve Brain Function*
  • Improve or Restore Skin Elasticity*
  • Support Healthy Joints*

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149 reviews for Krill Oil 500mg

  1. Deborah Hall (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Physician requested my husband take 1000 mg a day. Great price, Superior quality, no fishy after taste. Highly recommend.

  2. Jake (verified owner)

    Helps me keep my triglycerides and cholesterol in check without Statin drugs(bad) would recommend krill oil to anyone that is trying to get these numbers down

  3. DON DIETZ (verified owner)

    my wife’s optometrist recommended krill oil to give her some relief from her dry eye condition. This is her 2nd bottle as the first did give her substantial relief,

  4. Daisy Anne (verified owner)

    This product works well for me. No fishy smell. Seems to help with joint pain. I continue to order this product. This is a consistent company that delivers what they promise. I notice a difference when I run out, now I make sure to order when I have a few soft gels left.

  5. Anastacia (verified owner)

    Excellent product with no extra fillers or unnecessary ingredients. Pure and simple and that’s what makes it great.

  6. CLS (verified owner)

    i am very pleased with this product. I take two tabs daily and have been taking it for about 6 weeks. There is no way to assess the cardiovascular benefits of this product compared to any other but I can say I have no after taste or GI upset with this krill oil. I noticed less joint pain (hips) after taking this for about 4 weeks.

  7. CJM (verified owner)

    Great price. Great product. It works well for me and is my go to krill oil. No after taste and no upset stomach.

  8. C. Capelle (verified owner)

    Good price – better than you can find locally. Seems to do the trick

  9. Anny Garcia (verified owner)

    i love this. the best against cholesterol without side effects

  10. Jacqui (verified owner)

    Very good deal for 500 mg Krill oil, I’ve just begun taking this supplement, the gel caps are easy to swallow. G

  11. a Joines (verified owner)

    Exceeded my expectations….no artificial anything! Not too big we will be buying these again. Thank you!

  12. dennis caraballo (verified owner)

    I’ve been using krill oil for some time now, I’ve tried different brands, but this one has been the most effective and the most purest i recommend this to all who are trying to lose weight and speed up the metabolism in the purest form, without all the other additives and chemical substances these other weight lose products market, these are great and intense energy pure label the best for athletes.

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