Krill Oil 500mg

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  • Improve Eye Sight & Hair Roots*
  • Prevents Blood Clotting*
  • Support Muscle Strength*
  • Improve Brain Function*
  • Improve or Restore Skin Elasticity*
  • Support Healthy Joints*


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149 reviews for Krill Oil 500mg

  1. Claire Stone (verified owner)

    Great product! My doctor has pushed me to take fish oil because of the benefits it has for cardiovascular health and blood pressure, but I hate fishburps. I came across Krill oil and asked him if this would be a viable option due to the lack of fishburps, and he said that’d be fine. Since taking this, I feel better and not as winded when I do activities and my blood pressure is getting regulated. Easy to take and have no side effects. I enjoy these very much.

  2. Cindy Cantu (verified owner)

    Nutrition forest Krill oil 500mg is an amazing Omega 3 product. Krill actually has more omega 3’s packed in it than the normal omega 3 fish oils out there. I forgot to mention the major perk of krill oil is it tends to be burp less​ and no fishy after taste, that you normally get with Omega 3 oils. I’ve not had any of the burps or that fishy after taste.

  3. Davidson (verified owner)

    I body build often and need something like this for everything it says it does. I have had no issues with it, it has no after tastes or burp ups and seems to do the job. This is my second bottle, so maybe that helps clear up how well I think it does even more.

  4. John (verified owner)

    This product has many benefits. I like this supplement. Thanks Nutrition Forest for this amazing product.

  5. Sarah (verified owner)

    I take this daily to prevent inflammation. I had really bad swelling and inflammation during my last pregnancy and so far during this one I’ve had pretty much none. My carpal tunnel was so bad last time around. I was so miserable and in constant pain for over a year. I’m down to my last few weeks and I’m just now starting to notice that my feet swell up a little if I’m on them for too long. I work 10 hour shifts on my feet and it’s to be expected. Will definitely keep taking this supplement probably forever.

  6. Lori L Singels (verified owner)

    I just received this a few days ago, so I can’t give a description of its effectiveness yet. In my experience, you need to take any supplement at least two to three weeks before there’s any apparent improvement. It’s got an excellent formula, and I feel optimistic about its effectiveness.

  7. Bernard (verified owner)

    Great product!! After two weeks I could feel a difference in my joint pain!!

  8. Star Dylan (verified owner)

    I needed to add an omega 3 to my diet due to a autoimmune disease. I have been on other omegas with little or no change but I like this one. Krill oil is a better choice than another option.

  9. Ginette (verified owner)

    I switched from omega fish oil to krill oil and have noticed less joint pain and stiffness in the last two months of taking krill oil daily. I did try another brand of krill and they bothered my stomach to the point of having to get rid of them. These are gentle with no repeating taste or digestion issues. Good product.

  10. Donna (verified owner)

    This product was recommended by my eye doctor. I am having cataract surgery and was told that krill oil will help me to heal faster. So far, i have had one eye done and the other to be done soon. This has been very satisfactory because my blood work also showed some excellent results.

  11. Sherrie (verified owner)

    This is a cost effective way to get good quality krill oil. I really had to step up the amount I was taking, and this seems to be a good quality product at a reasonable price. My eye doctor recommended it to me.

  12. Tina Sparks (verified owner)

    Easy to swallow and doesn’t taste fishy. Haven’t gotten sick with flu pr cold since I started taking it so I believe it is strengthening my immune system. I am very happy with this purchase!

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