Green Tea Extract

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  • Naturally Support Weight Loss*
  • Increase Immunity & Prevent Infection*
  • Support Cardiovascular Health*
  • Improve Energy and Skin Tone*
  • Prevent Acne By Reducing Sebum*
  • Improve Memory & Alertness*

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160 reviews for Green Tea Extract

  1. Lori (verified owner)

    Have been taking Green Tea Extract for 2 mos. and have lost a total of 18 lbs. It greatly increased my metabolism that was quite low due to hypothyroidism.

  2. Jeanne (verified owner)

    I use this extract for a boost of energy. I followed the recommended instructions. Bfeore taking it, it was extremely difficult for me to get out of bed. But now it’s not hard. I’m ready to start my day easily. I love the boost of energy.

  3. Christopher (verified owner)

    It works as it says. It improves energy and boost metabolism. Pills have no side effects and no jittery taste. Very great supplement. I liked it.

  4. Marian (verified owner)

    This is nice. No jittery taste. I feel enthusiast. But I received product in 15 days.

  5. Laura (verified owner)

    Great results. I am glad. It is helpful in maintaining energy level while losing weight.

  6. Janis (verified owner)

    I heard about it a lot from my friends. I tried it and lost some pounds in a fortnight. awesome.

  7. Joseph (verified owner)

    it’s amazing refreshing. I feel energetic all time. I don’t feel drowsy now.

  8. Olga (verified owner)

    This is nice product. A great energy booster. I started feeling he difference in a few weeks but I am giving 3 stars as I got the parcel 2 days late. It was hard to wait for me.

  9. Chandra (verified owner)

    This product is good for overall health. I have noticed a big difference. Thank You Nutrition Forest.

  10. Rose (verified owner)

    It’s nice product. I like it as it helped me losing some pounds. It gives energy and boosts mood.

  11. Jonathan (verified owner)

    this is a great energy booster. I also lost few pounds. Thanks Nutrition Forest.

  12. Marilyn (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the green tea extract for about a month or so, and I truly do feel a difference, especially when I haven’t taken it. The energy isn’t immediate but it does slowly happen, and it has affected my overall day to day routine and that’s what matters the most to me.

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