Veggie Vite Multivitamin Complex

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  • Promote Immune System & Energy
  • Support Weight loss & Suppress Appetite
  • Improve Digestion & Reduce Constipation
  • Promotes Joint Support & Reduce Inflammation
  • Improve Sleep Pattern & Memory
  • Enhances Muscle Strength & Stamina

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136 reviews for Veggie Vite Multivitamin Complex

  1. Lincoln (verified owner)

    I will highly recommend this to anybody. this multivitamins has been very effective

  2. Angelica (verified owner)

    it has all the vitamins and minerals that i need

  3. Dawn (verified owner)

    I’m amazed at two things with this product. It has improved the look and feel of my skin in only a week but it also improved my digestion more than anything prior.
    Epithelial cells line our skin and our digestive tract so it stands to reason that both would improve. I couldn’t be happier with this product.

  4. Lori Hudson (verified owner)

    I just recently ordered these Veggie Vite Multi-Vitamin Complex and I am already impressed with the visible results. I feel much healthy now.

  5. Amber Walter (verified owner)

    My mom and I shared this bottle. The pills are easy to swallow . My skin has never looked or felt better. After a month taking this pill, I noticed a huge difference in results in my health.

  6. Teresa (verified owner)

    I took pills for one month. I noticed several changes. My skin became fairer and bones became healthy. pills are easy to swallow. awesome product!

  7. John Duke (verified owner)

    I had very weak body before taking this supplement. I used to feel pain. When I got to know about this product, I immediately bought and started consuming it. i feel better.

  8. Janice (verified owner)

    It has been a struggle to find a veggie & fruit based vitamin that taste good. I love it, this supplement provided me full body strength. Nutrition Forest has a great price on them also. I will continue to use it.

  9. Laura (verified owner)

    They taste pretty good. I’m a bad parent because this is the only way I can get my kids to consume them, so I figure something is better than nothing. I also prefer these tablets to be active and fit.

  10. Letha (verified owner)

    I have been using this supplement for over a month and I am so happy because it benefits to my whole body.

  11. Sandra (verified owner)

    I tried this product for one month. I achieved the best results. It actually works.

  12. Deborah (verified owner)

    this supplement comprises all vitamins and minerals that us what i liked about this supplement. I must recommend this to everyone.

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