Pomegranate Extract

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  • Helps Support Anti-Aging & Skin Lines*
  • Improved Oral Health*
  • Relieves Joint and Arthritis Pain*
  • Helps Reduces Symptoms of Anemia*
  • Provide Relief from Stomach Disorder*
  • Improve Memory and Alertness*

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162 reviews for Pomegranate Extract

  1. Thomas E. Kelley (verified owner)

    My doctor had recommended that I drink Pomerganate Juice daily, 6 to 8 Oz. I showed him the pills and he said that makes it easire to take. This product helps clean out the plack. I have been using this several years and it works. I would like to find some green tea pills. I

  2. phil (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff.I am pre-diabetic, this extract taken at recommended dose cleared up my dry and cracked heels on my feet after being on it for about three weeks!. I feel the blood.circulating in my feet now and my feeling in my feet is com8ng back
    Gives me a ton of energy and also noticed my man parts stand up more now at 50 than before


  3. Matthew Hensen (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, great amount for the price. Bloodwork good.

  4. Bellinghamster (verified owner)

    This is a quality formulation of what appear to be coated tablets. I would be willing to purchase this item again if pricing remains competitive.

  5. Michael (verified owner)

    Good value for the price. Does what it has to. Easy way to be benefit with this super food. A must try product.

  6. Michael S. (verified owner)

    Great product, helped cure sinusitis and rhinitis. Preventing respiratory tract infections. I recommend the product.

  7. James Richard Davis (verified owner)

    Nutrition Forest has a reasonable price, and the
    Pomegranate Extract is very good for you, I have
    talked to my Doctor about this, and he said I should
    keep taking it.

  8. Maida Porter (verified owner)

    Just what we wanted. Very good supplement for someone wanting to improve their health. Have used Nutrition Forest products many times.

  9. Judy E. Warrick (verified owner)

    I bought this product for my husband, and he’s been able to control his BP without meds for a while now.

  10. Billy Bo (verified owner)

    I have already re-ordered. This is a great product for the price. It is the best price on the internet.

  11. Janie (verified owner)

    I take these when I have no pomegranate juice to drink! Wonderful product. May be, I might continue taking this from now on.

  12. Jane Ronan (verified owner)

    Pomegranate softgels has become a must in my daily need. Love this product and it has helped my hair growth and have reduced my skin problems facing for years.

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