Pomegranate Extract

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  • Helps Support Anti-Aging & Skin Lines*
  • Improved Oral Health*
  • Relieves Joint and Arthritis Pain*
  • Helps Reduces Symptoms of Anemia*
  • Provide Relief from Stomach Disorder*
  • Improve Memory and Alertness*

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162 reviews for Pomegranate Extract

  1. Ruth Reynolds (verified owner)

    Excellent, use it every day! Recommend this product to my family & friends

  2. Wanda Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Arrived fairly quickly and is less expensive than other brands i have used.

  3. Machelle Reynolds (verified owner)

    Took this for 3 months and now my blood pressure is once again in the good range. My cholesterol level also decreased.

  4. Sara Kolacz (verified owner)

    seems to be a good product., have seen good results in just 15 days. Will continue to buy it!

  5. Loretta (verified owner)

    Much satisfied with the quality of these Pomegranate Capsules. Will buy again

  6. Jessie Andrews (verified owner)

    I take these when I have no pomegranate juice to drink!

  7. Kristen Bruno (verified owner)

    Pomegranates are supposed to be very good for you. Supposedly it is also a symbol of fertility and powerful thing to put in your body. That being said, pomegranates are very expensive to buy at the supermarket and are messy to eat. The liquid forms may be loaded with sugar if not the pure juice version. So this is a great way to get the nutrients in a easy to ingest format. i also thought it lowers cholesterol but i felt very little improvement.

  8. Judy (verified owner)

    I was looking into good sources of magnesium. Pomegranate was on the list. In combination with other sources of magnesium, I sleep better at night for starters.

  9. Patt Hyatt (verified owner)

    Good product for a good price. Will surely recommend and will continue to buy from Nutrition Forest!

  10. Sarah (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Prompt delivery. I am very happy with the purchase.

  11. Lily (verified owner)

    This pomegranate extract supplement by best naturals is great for anyones overall health! It offers a plethora of different benefits, including slows down the aging process, supports healthy cell replication and function, boosts heart health and a lot more. As I was taking this supplement on a day to day basis, I generally felt really good and healthy. I have no negative side effects to report and I will definitely continue to take it on a regular basis. I am very pleased.

  12. Sherry (verified owner)

    I like to take this pill every day instead of drinking the juice. Which is more expensive, and I`m not real crazy about the taste. I love the real Pomegranate fruit, but it is seasonal, and I like to take this all year round.

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