Green Tea Extract

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  • Naturally Support Weight Loss*
  • Increase Immunity & Prevent Infection*
  • Support Cardiovascular Health*
  • Improve Energy and Skin Tone*
  • Prevent Acne By Reducing Sebum*
  • Improve Memory & Alertness*


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160 reviews for Green Tea Extract

  1. Winnie Simpson

    I liked this product It helped me a lot to relieve from constipation and provide energy. I took it till 15 days. after log time I again started to have constipation and thus going to order it again.

  2. Lacy Jules

    These are great. They really help suppress my appetite. Lost 6 pound in under a week. They don’t upset my stomach like other pills. Also good for eliminating toxins through stool.

  3. Dawn

    I have been using this supplement for more than 15 days and i have felt the difference. this combo is great for constipation relief and energy

  4. Lawanna Eric

    i liked the product. green coffee and green tea are great energy source and colon cleanse cleaned my colon. I will certainly order again from Nutrition Forest.

  5. Marian Parker

    This is nice. No jittery taste. I feel enthusiast. But I received product in 15 days, which is way too longer than expected!

  6. Dorothy Perkins

    I bought this combo to heal my stomach and flatten tummy. I consumed pills for almost 4 weeks but no weight loss. I kept continuing it for next month as well and lost 12 pounds. Still i am taking pills to loose more weight.

  7. Vida M

    I have been taking this for about 6 months now and can notice a difference in my skin. It’s less blotchy and I get fewer pimples.

  8. Annie Williams

    I turned to these because in my mission to lose weight i got to a point where i plateaued and stopped losing weight. I started taking these as the directed instructed and I began to lose weight, about 1 to 2 pounds a week

  9. Lois Susy

    Green Tea supplementation is proven to be effective for fat loss, and It’s a relatively cheap one too. Really like this product. Makes me feel less lethargic.

  10. Christina Williams

    i was very fed up due to my upset stomach. it was causing acnes on my face. i was worried about my appearance. i was already fat and then suddenly acnes. when I knew about this combo, i tried it using with recommended dose. this combo is amazing. now i have no constipation. my acnes are gone and i have lost weight as well. FANTASTIC!

  11. Paulette Wills

    I liked green tea extract. I have been taking this for last 8 or 9 days and lost 10 pounds. That’s awesome.

  12. Nixon Lourdes

    Every detox tea I have drank always tastes the same and kind of gross. This one is completely different. It smells wonderful and it’s so smooth going down. It was like I was drinking the tea for its taste and to relax instead of to detox. I took 15 day cleanse also with it. wonderful for cleaning stomach.

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