Pure Garcinia Cambogia 95% HCA

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  • Block Fat Formation*
  • Boost Energy and Lift Mood*
  • Support Healthy Cholesterol*

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301 reviews for Pure Garcinia Cambogia 95% HCA

  1. MARZLAN (verified owner)

    My weight is manageable and i dont have to worry about over eating.

  2. Brenda (verified owner)

    Great product! Excellent appetite suppressant …..I havent experienced any negative side effects….Ive already ordered my second bottle!” I am pleased with this product!”

  3. Miley (verified owner)

    I am not into supplements. I don’t believe they work. Not until my friend introduced me to this product. and showed me her before and after results without spending a lot of time exercising. So i tried it myself. And I was amazed, after taking it for 2 months, I lost 15 lbs. And I don’t have plans of stopping yet since i need to lose 20 pounds more. I feel so light and healthy

  4. Tyra Hills (verified owner)

    no good results using for 1 week already now.

  5. Fallon (verified owner)

    Very satisfied, one of the best dietary supplements I have used. and will only buy from Nutrition Forest

  6. Cleve VonRueden (verified owner)

    Been using for a few days. I do feel a difference and my regularity improved as well as appetite has gone down tremendously! it works well!

  7. Jaylon Schmitt (verified owner)

    Amazing product. I received it 4 days ago and already use it for all this days. And I already lose close to 1 kg. I was losing about 200g per day. While doesn’t look too much per day, still it adds up and in 1 month you can lose around 5 kg just in your sleep. That looks like a good deal for me. I was able to break a plateau that even a clean, healthy eating din’t help. I am 168 cm and I was stuck for few years at 78 kg. I hate dieting. And no supplements I tried did anything (garcinia, raspberry ketones etc.). Now I am close to 77 kg doing nothing. Very happy.

  8. Mimi (verified owner)

    This product has been very helpful with my weight loss journey. I have recommended this to my friends and I’m glad it worked for them too.

  9. Mildred Robinson (verified owner)

    I like it and it gives me noticeable energy, especially when working out.

  10. Donna A. (verified owner)

    Ordering, shipping, and receiving, was very simple and timely.

  11. Ruth (verified owner)

    I am overweight. I have been looking for a supplement that can help me in losing weight. I have tried different products but this is the one I like best. This is my partner in my weight loss journey. I lost 15 lbs since I started using Pure Garcinia Cambogia. I don’t exercise a lot since I am always busy at work, but this products still helps me with my weight loss journey. This is highly recommended. I will order some more after I finish my first batch of orders.

  12. Brad Ruecker (verified owner)

    Pills was recommended by a friend. Within two months of using, i have lost 10kg. Recommended!!

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