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Those who want to use CBD oil for the first time, are often faced with the question- does CBD oil contain THC, and will it lead to addiction.

With CBD oil becoming more and more popular across the globe as a popular and natural method of pain relief, this has become a frequently asked question. CBD oil formulas are now being manufactured by several retailers and they are being purchased from pharmacies as well as online stores.

Does CBD oil has THC or not is dependent on several factors. First, let us find out what CBD is.

CBD or cannabidiol is found in abundance in the cannabis plant. It is non-intoxicating, which means it does not produce the sensation of being high. On the other hand, the other compound derived from the cannabis plant, the THC, is quite intoxicating and can make a user feel high. Because of its psychoactive effects, its production and circulation are strictly controlled. However, THC has certain benefits too.

Hence, the one main reason why people want to take CBD is to enjoy the perks of the THC, but minus its intoxicating effects.

Which now brings us to the most commonly asked question in this domain, does CBD oil have THC? 

Strictly speaking, taking CBD oil with trace amounts of THC will not cause any intoxication. According to federal regulations, CBD cannot contain THC more than 0.3%. Such a negligible amount of THC is not sufficient to cause any intoxication. Even if you do consume this oil, you will experience none of the effects of THC.

However, you need a better understanding of why THC is best avoided and how CBD oil works in your system, without taking any conclusion at face value.

These are the following ways in which CBD oil is available in the market.

  1. Raw CBD Oil: This is pure CBD oil. It only CBD distillate and does not contain any other compounds.
  2. CBD Hemp Oil: This is a very high-quality CBD oil derived from the hemp plant. It is legal in the US to grow hemp and this is the oil that has less than 0.3% CBD.
  3. Full-spectrum Extract: This oil is derived from the hemp plant or other cannabis plant like marijuana. It contains full spectrum cannabinoids, meaning almost all the cannabinoids found in cannabis. Likewise, it includes THC as well. The oil termed full-spectrum CBD oil means it has other compounds as well.

So, does CBD oil have THC or not, depends entirely on how it is made. Since pure or raw CBD oil is an isolate, it will not have any other cannabinoids or compounds- not even as trace elements. It is completely devoid of THC.

CBD oil derived from hemp may have a trace amount of THC. Then again, it depends on the manufacturers about what concentration of THC they want to retain in their oil. There are high CBD/ low-THC combinations available and they are sold as tinctures, oil, and gel. They are sold in almost all legal cannabis market.

If you are very particular about avoiding THC, then you have to go through the label clearly to determine whether THC is present in the product or not. Check the method of extraction; check the website for the tests the products have undergone and the prescribed dosage. After the federal laws stated in the Agricultural Act of 2014 that THC less 0.3% in dry weight can be allowed in CBD, many manufacturers are making sure to stick to the guidelines.

Since the benefits of CBD is being widely accepted, and its therapeutic benefits are being gradually acknowledged, it can be sold as a great pain reliever and anti-depressant, provided the manufacturers take care to adhere to all the guidelines.

CBD and THC: What can they do?

As mentioned earlier, trace amounts of THC in CBD oil will not cause any kind of intoxicating effect. It will not cause any noticeable changes in you at all.

The best thing about CBD is that not only does it not produce any intoxicating effect, but it also helps in further mitigating the intoxicating effects of THC. It can also prevent the side effects from manifesting themselves. On the other hand, THC can further enhance the beneficial and therapeutic effects of CBD. Both of them together can make the body respond better to cannabinoid receptors.

The combined effect of CBD and THC on the body’s CB1 receptors is known as the entourage effect. This can be best experienced with a high CBD/ low THC combination. However, you should be careful not to use products with low CBD and high THC content because it can lead to intense intoxication.

Is it possible that CBD with trace amounts of THC will influence a drug test?

There is no guarantee that trace amounts of THC in CBD will not show up in a drug test. Much dependence on the federal testing guidelines which have specifications regarding the cut-offs for the amount of THC for various fields of work. However, most of them do not pick up on trace amounts of THC. If you want to be extra careful and want to avoid the slightest chance of detecting THC in the blood stream, then opt for pure CBD oil or CBD distillate.

Is CBD Oil ineffective without CBD Oil?

No. Pure CBD oil does have its share of benefits. However, in some cases, the entourage effect of multiple cannabidiol has better results. This depends entirely on the condition of the patient and the intensity of the problem they want to cure. A full-spectrum CBD oil will have the combined benefits of many other cannabinoids.

Side Effects of CBD Oil

CBD Oil can be safely taken in large doses because it does produce many side effects. It does not affect the respiratory systems and does not have any intoxicating effects either. However, the side effects of CBD mostly manifest themselves when they inadvertently react with other medications.

It could lead to drowsiness, an upset stomach, and can be a cause for certain allergies if you are allergic to hemp oil. However, CBD derived from hemp has no risk of overdose and is hence, completely safe.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Yes, CBD is legal under federal law if it contains less than 0.3% THC. Cannabis laws are also evolving fast but medical marijuana is being administered to registered patients. But some states are still not on board with the laws, which is why you should check your state laws before trying to buy CBD products if they are derived from CBD plants. You must also buy your products from manufacturers and retailers who strictly follow all the federal laws with regards to their content.


It is important to find the right CBD oil, one has to pay special attention to the issue for which the oil is being taken. Patients who are on some kind of medication must consult the doctor regarding their prescription drugs to avoid a reaction. CBD oil can relieve the patient of neuropathic pain, anxiety attacks, and seizure disorders. To answer the question, does CBD oil have THC, you have to look into its composition and method of extraction and make an informed decision about the same

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