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How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System  CBD or cannabidiol has quickly emerged as an alternative to over the counter drugs and medication for treating pain and anxiety. The number of users across the US has exponentially grown over the last couple of years.

However, there is still some concern from various quarters about CBD because most are still confused about its source. Since CBD is primarily derived from hemp or other cannabis plants, many people who have to take some tests are concerned about how long it can stay in the system.

For how many days does CBD stays in the human system?

CBD can stay in your system for about two to five days. However, this will differ according to the dose of CBD, the person’s weight and overall consistency, and the frequency with which the CBD is ingested. We shall discuss them in detail now.


The higher is the amount of CBD you take, the longer will it stay in your system. Those taking 250 mg of CBD per day will naturally find that the effect of CBD wears off faster than someone taking 1000 mg per day, depending on certain other variables as well.

Frequency of Use

If you take CBD once or twice, then it will be eliminated from the system fairly quickly. However, CBD builds up in the system over time if you use it regularly. You should be using it at least for a week to determine how long CBD stays in your system. 

Body Type

Since your body weight and shape are vastly different from that of another person, you cannot expect the effect of CBD the same for you or that it stays in your system for the same time. The water content in your body, along with the body mass index as well as the rate of metabolism are just some of the things that affect how long CBD stays in the system. 

Food Habits

Your food habit is a principal definer of how long CBD stays in your system. If you take CBD on an empty stomach, it will get metabolized and digested very quickly. On the other hand, if you take on a full stomach, it will stay in the system longer.

Method of Use

The method you are using to treat your condition will also influence how long CBD stays in your system. There are many methods of taking CBD.

  • Oils and tinctures
  • Edibles
  • Cream and lotions for topical application
  • Pills and capsules

All of these methods are available for your use. Taking the CBD sublingually has greater chances of the CBD lingering. If you use a CBD balm or lotion, it will take some time for it to enter your body but will also leave the body later. If you vape it, it will enter your lungs but will not linger for too long.

How do you know when CBD will start working?

This again depends on a variety of factors but the method of taking CBD has the strongest influence. If you take a few drops of CBD sublingually, it will mix directly with the bloodstream and will produce results in about twenty minutes.

If you massage the affected area with CBD balm or oil, you might find that it makes a difference in about thirty minutes. Edibles like a gummy bear can take up to an hour to function while vaping might show results in less than fifteen minutes.

Who are concerned about CBD staying in the system?

Most people who have to appear for some kind of a test are more concerned about CBD showing up in the system. Many athletes use CBD for joint and muscle pain but due to the cannabis origins of CBD, it might be considered a drug and the user might be barred from participating.

A lot depends on your location and the laws of the competition that whether there is any risk of detection from therapeutic CBD or not.

More than the CBD, it is the presence of THC in the product you should be concerned about. Hemp-derived CBD, which is legal in almost all parts of the US, might contain 0.3% THC if it is full-spectrum.

There is no THC is broad-spectrum CBD, although other cannabis compounds are present. Isolate CBD is the purest and if you are too concerned, you can take this CBD. Or, you could simply wait for two to five days for the CBD to completely leave your system before you appear for the drug test.


Even if there are mild traces of CBD found in the system, according to current US laws, there is no need to worry. Finding out about how long does CBD stay in the system beforehand will give you time to adjust your dose and method so that it does not show up in the test.

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