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Cannabidiol or CBD has become popular among many users because it facilitates pain reduction. It is also used as a mood enhancer and helps in combating anxiety. However, not all CBD products are of optimum quality. There are several products displayed on the shelves of stores that claim they are CBD but they do not yield good results. The reason is the source and the method of extraction. Read on to find out more about CBD vs Hemp Oil.

Determining the source of CBD and the way it is extracted is the primary factor if you want to know if a product will work for you or not. The isolates and distillates, along with the methods of creation will determine how good the product is. Pure hemp oil also cannot have 0.3% THC.

CBD derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant is considered to be the best. You have to know the difference between Hemp Oil and CBD to know what kind of effect they have on your body. Although some tend to use them interchangeably, there is quite a difference between the two. Along with knowing about the difference, you should also have a look at the other ingredients that go into the making of a particular product.

How did the 2018 Farm Bill Impact the CBD vs Hemp oil Argument?

The year 2013 proved to be difficult for farmers in the US. Since then, they noticed a 50% drop in income and there was a rising farming crisis. The bill was meant to alleviate the condition of family farms by cracking down on corporate farming. It regulated supply management, curbing overproduction, and measures were taken to improve pricing policies.

In the Farm Bill, a clause mentioned incorporating the farming of industrial hemp. It also included farming of hemp-derived CBD. There was a remarkable increase in the manufacture and sale of hemp-derived CBD products almost overnight. The national market in the US was filled with a plethora of such items.

In 2018, the bill became a law, including many food programs and agricultural reformations. The bill covers farm revenue, farm credit, and rural development among other issues. Policymakers will be reviewing food issues regularly from then on. It was at this time that hemp was legalized.

Although hemp is legalized, it cannot contain more than 0.3% THC.

A higher percentage of THC could result in psychoactive effects and the sole purpose is to grow hemp which will not pose a risk as a substance to abuse. More than 0.3% of THC will be considered non-hemp cannabis.

The above discussion on the legality of hemp was important for the CBD vs hemp oil debate. This is because, although hemp is legalized, citizens are not free to grow them in their backyards along with their garden plants and nor are they free to use it to relieve pain. Hemp Oil has to be prepared in a particular manner to give you the benefits you are looking for.

Difference between Hemp Oil and CBD

To determine which is best for you, you need to know the difference between CBD vs Hemp Oil.


This is made from the leaves, stalks, and flowers of the hemp plant. These are the only parts of the hemp plant from where you can derive cannabidiol, by following very specific extraction methods.

Hemp Oil

On the other hand, hemp oil is made from hemp seeds. It has little to no cannabidiol in it. Thus, it has none of the benefits of CBD and can at best, be used as a variant of cooking oil. It is extracted from the seeds of industrial hemp plants. So if you come across hempseed oil in the market, it does not mean you will get any of the benefits of CBD.

So, there is a considerable difference between hemp oil and hemp-derived CBD.

What are the ingredients which you should look for?

The easiest way for a consumer to decide whether they should buy a particular oil or not is to check the labels. This way you will be able to easily determine whether you are buying hemp oil or CBD oil and clear the CBD vs Hemp Oil debate.

If you want to buy CBD oil, you must look for the words CBD or cannabidiol on the packaging. If these words are not present, then the product is only hemp oil. Even if the words ‘hemp oil’ is not mentioned, you can look for words like hemp seed oil or cannabis seed oil, or even cannabis Sativa seed oil, which is the scientific name for hemp.

Does Hemp Oil have any benefits?

Although hemp oil will not help you with pain relief, insomnia, or by reducing your anxiety levels, it still has its share of benefits. It lends nutritional power and it also has considerable mineral content as well as healthy fats. It can also cure certain skin disorders and can provide relief from PMS symptoms.

What are the benefits of CBD Oil?

CBD Oil has a range of health benefits.

  • It can give you relief from several physical problems like inflammation and chronic pain.
  • It can help with your sleep disorder- you will enjoy peaceful and calm sleep with it. It helps in inducing deeper REM sleep. It can bring down stress levels and helps you calm down.
  • Most importantly, CBD is beneficial for those who are sensitive to THC and cannot consume products that have them. Since CBD does not result in any psycho activity, they are safe to consume and you can only derive the power of the cannabis plant.

Final Verdict

If you are worried about the entire CBD vs Hemp Oil debate, then a little bit of research will clear all your doubts. CBD is a plant based option. You can also enquire from a healthcare professional about the benefits of CBD. It is best not to experiment without some guidance from an expert. For hemp-derived CBD, only buy your products from authorized dealers who will guarantee performance and complies with all state regulations for the manufacture and sale of CBD.


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