Krill Oil 500mgKrill Oil 500mg
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Krill Oil 500mg

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Product Discription

Krill oil is a fantastic new way to renew your health, feel better in your day-to-day life and live a happier, healthier life knowing you are protected and safe. Since discovering its remarkable ability to shuttle ample amounts of healing omega-3 into your body, clinical research scientists have been vigorously testing and researching krill oil to see just how effective it is at helping to..

Nutrition Forest Krill Oil 500mg is considered wholesome for body as it helps to recover the deficiency of omega fatty acids which we lack in our staple food. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids, required for maintaining the health of body. No doubt some people prefer having fish, being oblivious to its contamination on account of industrial pollutants, to gain omega fatty acids and ultimately they fall ill badly. Thus we provide Krill oil softgel so as to fulfill the needs of omega fatty acids without any harm and risk. 500mg per serving is appropriate quantity so that it can digest easily.

Nutrition Forest non-GMO Krill oil delivers a potent 500 milligrams per serving consisting all natural ingredients Omega 3, 6 and 9 with EPA and DHA. The specialty of our krill oil 500mg is, along with Omega 6 and 9 it consists all types of omega 3 however other companies sell this supplement which consist only ALA but not EPA and DHA,(types of omega 3).

  • Omega 3 fatty acids assist in normal and active functioning of brain.
  • Omega 6 fatty acids help in normal growth and development of body. It also prevents skin problems.
  • Omega 9 fatty acids assist to prevent the bad cholesterol level and improve immune system.

Krill oil contains high quantity of omega fatty acids. These fatty acids are very delicate and highly perishable hence the gelatin krill oil softgels are protected from light and heat.

Why Take Krill Oil 500mg Softgel

  • Krill oil leaves no nasty or fishy taste in your mouth after having it however other fish oil leaves a feeling of unpleasant smell and taste.
  • Krill oil softgels are smaller than other fish oil softgels thus these softgels are easy to swallow.
  • Krill oil dissolves easily in stomach.
  • It contains omega 3 fatty acids therefore helpful in radiant skin, thick and long hair, improves eye-sight, prevents blood pressure problems and reduces cramps etc.
  • Non-GMO Krill Oil delivers a potent 500 milligrams of purified Krill Oil easy to absorb soft capsule.

We’ll Give You 30 days Risk Free

Krill oil 500g

We give you 30 days to try our supplement, Krill Oil 500mg to see its effective results. If due to any reason you are not contented, return the container within 30 days from the date of delivery and receive a full refund (excluding shipping charges). 

Note you must need to send email at or call at 718-618-9649 with the reason of return or refund. We cannot honor return or refund for any product that has been damaged by you or if not in its original condition.

You must be astounded by such peculiar guarantee but we know you will definitely be satisfied by our supplement, krill oil 500mg.

Krill oil 500g

 Supplement Facts

 Serving Size: 1 Softgel
 Softgels Per Container: 60

 Amount Per Serving  % Daily Value
 Krill Oil
 (Providing naturally-occuring essential fatty acids
 including Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 plus
 other Phospholipids and Astaxanthin.)
 500 mg  *
 † % Daily Value not established
 Other Ingredients:Gelatin, glycerin and purified water

Nutrition Forest Krill Oil 500mg - Daily Dosage

  • Keep at least 4 hours difference in dosage
  • We recommend you to take 2 capsules in day (1 in the Morning  and 1 at Night)
  • Take one (1) capsule after 30-60 minutes of your morning meal & dinner.
  • Swallow the Krill Oil softgel whole, Do not puncture or open the softgel.
  • Store Krill Oil at room temperature away from moisture and heat. Do not freeze.

Krill oil is very effective for reducing elevated lipid and glucose levels, which is significant for managing diabetes. This is also associated with krill oil weight loss benefits. The high astaxanthin antioxidant levels in some krill oil brands are thought to be beneficial for controlling inflammation, including inflammation of the cardiovascular system, the brain and joints – all problems that diabetics have to manage.

Benefits of Krill Oil 500mg

  • Improves eye sight
  • Helps to control blood pressure*
  • Improves brain functioning
  • Supports healthy cholesterol level
  • Controls stress*
  • Provides glowing skin
  • May increase agility in joints*
  • Prevents cramps*
  • Prevents blood clotting*
  • Supports muscle strength*
  • Strengthens hair roots*


  • Recommended dosage should not exceed.
  • Children under 18 and pregnant women should consult their physician before taking this supplement.
  • If you are under any medical supervision, please consult your doctor before consuming it. 

Beware From Free Trials, How Krill Oil 500mg Work by Doctor Daniel Morris

Individual Results May Vary

Question:  Is your supplement approved or certified by FDA and CGMP?
Answer:  Yes, our all supplements are approved and manufactured under the strict guidelines of FDA and CGMP.

Question:  Is this supplement NSF and GMP certified?
Answer:  Yes, our all supplements are certified or approved by NSF and GMP.

Question:  How does your supplement differ from other companies’ supplement?
Answer:  Our supplement, krill oil consist EPA and DHA along with Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 however other companies don’t use EPA and DHA in their supplements.

Question:  Are krill oil softgels like other fish oil softgels?
Answer:  No, other fish oil softgels leave an unpleasant taste in mouth but krill oil softgels don’t leave bad taste.

Question:  Is it convenient to swallow krill oil softgel?
Answer:  Yes, krill oil softgels are smaller than other fish oil softgels. You can easily swallow them.

Question:  What benefits can I receive by consuming these softgels?
Answer:  Krill oil softgels are panacea for all types of diseases. Krill oil has innumerable benefits like it helps in controlling diabetes, high blood pressure, menstrual pain, joint pains, dizziness, stress level, weight and many more. In short we can say that krill oil assist to cure full body diseases.

Customer Reviews (32)

* Results in testimonials are atypical and individual results may vary. A healthy diet and exercise are recommended.
many benefitsReview by Grace
krill oil has many benefits. results are easily seen in 1 or 2 months. i am giving 3 stars as I got parcel a bit late. (Posted on 1/16/2017) *Individual Results May Vary
nice supplementReview by Harry
I liked this supplement. It works great to repair joints. (Posted on 12/21/2016) *Individual Results May Vary
Fast service, good conditionReview by Sergio
The krill oil arrived quickly and in good condition. I have been taking the krill oil every day for the last several days and hasn't noticed any side effects. Remains to be seen if it will help reduce his cholesterol but we are hopeful! (Posted on 11/2/2016) *Individual Results May Vary
nice for memoryReview by Josephine
I liked this supplement. It really helped me a lot to sharpen memory. My muscles strength also improved and hair loss rate fell down. (Posted on 10/8/2016) *Individual Results May Vary
amazing omega sourceReview by Mary
I know omega fatty acids are very important for health but it's not possible for me to gain them through food so I decided to take this natural supplement. I felt drastic change in my health. I can memorize longer, my joints and bones don't ache. no cramps now and I have glowing skin now. (Posted on 9/20/2016) *Individual Results May Vary
Numerous benefits!Review by Judi
I liked this product. My joints don't ache now. muscles stiffness are no more now. My eye sight has improved a bit. Thanks Nutrition Forest (Posted on 9/6/2016) *Individual Results May Vary
It's amazingReview by Denise
I was doing some house work like cleaning and some craft works, because of this I was getting some joint pains and elbow pains too. After taking krill oil for nearly two weeks, now I have absolutely no pain and I can do more craft works than before. Give it a try you won't be disappointed. (Posted on 8/25/2016) *Individual Results May Vary
good for healthReview by Ramona
Received my order very quickly. They arrived in great condition. softgels are a good red color and no fishy aftertaste and it was easy to swallow. I am very happy and would order from this company again. (Posted on 8/8/2016) *Individual Results May Vary
wonderful for chronic painReview by Caryn
I have been taking fish oil for a while, and I've had great results with inflammation and chronic pain relief, as well as joint mobility. With krill oil, though, I have had the best results when it comes to chronic pain. (Posted on 7/28/2016) *Individual Results May Vary
advantageous pillsReview by Sandra
I used to take regular fish supplements but this is far superior. The pills are small enough to take with ease and I do not have any fish burps after taking it! This is a superior Krill Oil supplement. (Posted on 7/18/2016) *Individual Results May Vary

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